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Angela Hubert
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Hi, I am having trouble restoring my accountants backup file. It is saying that I can't restore an Enterprise product to a non Enterprise product?? I am currently using Reckon Pro. I haven't had this issue before. Any idea's??


  • Mirko
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    Hey Angela, it sounds like your Accountant has opened for Pro file in Enterprise and thus upgraded it. Once a file is upgraded it cannot be downgraded to a lower version. Generally your Accountant would open the file within the version you use (in this case Pro) and export it as such back to you. I would contact your Accountant and advise them of what has happened. 
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Angela,

    As Mirko has said you will need to ask your accountant what work (if any) they have done in your file as you will need to redo it in your file.

    Your accountant should have the ability to work in your version of the software using a special toggle feature they have access to.

    Feel free to give them my email if they would like to know how to do this.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh (