is there a committed costs (job costs) report in reckon accounts (premier or enterprise)?

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Quickbooks Enterprise 2014 has a great report called a 'committed costs' report for job costing. This report shows both actual costs (i.e. from supplier invoices, credit card and bank account transactions) PLUS any open purchase orders (i.e. costs incurred and not supplier invoice received) ...

As far as I can see these are separate reports in Reckon Accounts (Premier and Enterprise) with no way of combining them (other than via an Excel export) ... i.e. you can run a Profit and Loss by Job or a Job Profitability Report but both ONLY use actual costs so you have to also run an Open Purchase Orders by Job report to get the current "committed costs' for a job.

With job costing you need all committed costs in a timely manner to control costs and manage job over runs! If you are doing the data entry, it makes sense to have the info on one report.

Will Reckon Accounts be updated soon so a "committed costs" report like that in Quickbooks can be used?

See under the heading "Committed Cost by Job" on this website for more details:



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    hello, the link you have posted , yes, its for Intuits Quickbooks, but even that does not fully cover WIP requirements, we are also Pro advisor for Intuits QBKS, but will be discontinuing it, These features are advance reporting , lighly can be compared to Timber line or SAGE 500.
    Our version here is running behind, and for years , working as consultants for builders and construction companies , we had this issue. A wip report all in one to show PO Used , unused, committed costs , and during the last few years with help of a  builder client , we have developed a WIP add on , to fix these issues.  We can expand existing Progress claim sheet that is there now which is almost compressed . this integrates with RA PREMIER AND ENTERPRISE DESKTOP.
    we have time sheets now showing billable hours with dollars and unbillable , and many other features
    We can discuss your  requirements. Let us know

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