I overpaid an employee a fortnight ago and have to make the adjusted amount show in this fortnight a

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Hi, am using Reckon Accounts Plus 2014. A fortnight ago I overpaid an employee by $116, I now need to reflect this in the employee payroll centre but am not sure how to do so as I dont want to change the tax amount, just the amount paid in total. Can anyone recommend how to fix this as I need to do a bank reconciliation and need everything to match?  Thanks


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    Hi Sarah,

    Was the pay processed incorrectly to over pay (you can manually override the pay to correct) or was payment made to their bank account more than it should have been?

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  • Sarah_7367105
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    Hi Kay

    What happened was there was was a day the employee took off unpaid that I was unaware of. So I paid them as usual and it ended up being $116 too much. So what I was instructed to do by the manager was just deduct the $116 off of this fortnights pay. I was unsure of how to show this in the payroll centre but believe I may have rectified it (I hope) and please correct me if I am wrong. 
    What I did when I processed this fortnights pay and paid it into the employees bank account was I deducted the $116 from the net pay amount (as tax for the overpaid day was accounted for) and when It came to the employee centre I made the amounts match up to the amount paid into the bank details. Done this way, if I added up the two amounts of tax withheld for the fortnight, it ended up being the correct amounts according to recent tax tables.
    So at the moment my books balance fine and my manager is happy with how the deduction was accounted for.

    Thanks Kay