Unbilled costs in accs payable : reckon premier 14

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how to delete old unbilled costs that were generated by us paying back overpayments from custsomers.  These were paid via write cheques to accounts payable so we coudl set the credits against their accounts. We dont usually use the unbilled costs/job function - this arose only from the fact you need to apply the payment in accounts payable to a customer name. We use accs prem 2014.


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    Regards to your query, if you would like to delete it the credit for that customer then simply open it and go to EDIT-->VOID  and write Memo for reason of void.

    but I would more concern about your BAS or reconciliation if you were closed that transaction in past.

    I would suggest you to get the advise from your accountant to processed with

    hope this would help you

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