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We have an item called "CR" which has "car repairs" as the description for purchase transactions and sales transactions. When we use that in purchase orders we actually put in the particular item purchased. When the bill is entered it brings in that information but when it is brought into the invoice it reverts back to "car repairs". Is there any way of changing it so that the correct description (ie: the one that is entered in the PO and bill)?

Any help in this would be GREATLY appreciated :) We are running Reckon Accounts Enterprise: Contractor Edition 2014.


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    Hello Toni,

    Thank you for using the Reckon Community.

    Since invoice is a different part and process of the program it follows the description in the actual ITEM via the item list.

    The description you are using in the P.O and Bill are only being used to order parts for suppliers. 

    This will not change the description you have set in the item itself. 

    and this is just how the program is designed, and unfortunately the only way to change it is via the item list (description of the item)

    Kind Regards,
    Vinia Laguda
    Reckon Technical Support 

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    Thank you Vinia - guess I will just keep typing away :)