How do I create a Purchase Order in Reckon One?

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I am needing to create a purchase order to buy computer software for our business.  How do I do this?  Is it even possible in Reckon One? As I have created a project and an item line, but can't see how to print it.


  • Qwerty
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    Currently Reckon One doesn't have any inventory tracking functionality. There is no sales order or purchase order forms in Reckon One at this time.
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    Hey Gabby, as per the above posts, Reckon One does not currently have Inventory features. As time progresses and further modules come into production, Inventory, Payroll etc will come into play. ^Mirko.
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    Many thanks for the clarification.  I thought this may have been the case.
  • Qwerty
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    A possible option for the time being, is to utilise the purchase approvals option in Reckon One. Enabling purchase approvals allow you to create "Draft" bills in Reckon One. Whilst this won't actually provide you with a form/template that can be submitted (e.g. printed or emailed) to a supplier which says "Purchase order", it should allow you to track your open purchase order(s) in Reckon One. Draft bills are non-posting so they won't reflect in your reports. 

    If your purchase order is accepted by the supplier then you just need to approved the draft bill in Reckon One. If your purchase order is declined by the supplier then you can remove the draft bill from the system. 

    Purchase approvals are available in books which have the "medium" invoicing module enabled.

    To enable purchase approvals in Reckon One, click the Administration menu > Purchase preferences > Approval process (set this to Enabled).
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    Is there any update on this? Are 'draft bills' still the current workaround?
  • Geoff Andrews
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    It's been two years.  Has there been any progress?
    The ability to create purchase orders is such a basic and fundamental feature of a bookkeeping system, that I didn't think to check that Reckon One had it, before signing up. 
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    Purchase orders are a nice to have any word on if and when yet?
  • Leigh Wolinski
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    A purchase order or even a packing slip or a delivery docket. These are pretty important with most goods based businesses/....

  • Gavin Thomas
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    How can a business function without the ability to purchase items,Reckon one does everything i need except purchase products surely this isn't hard to implement,I would also agree with Geoff this is a basic fundamental
  • Sarah Jane
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    I take it that this still isn't an option? It never occurred to me to check something simple like being able to raise a PO...

  • Sarah Jane
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    I was just hoping there had been an addon - if financial programs were something I'd need to investigate regularly I'd definitely add PO on the checklist now. Only just started using it so can still switch without too much cost I suppose.
  • Rav
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    You may want to check out TidyStock which is a full featured inventory management add-on solution that integrates with Reckon One.
    More info here -
  • Sarah Jane
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    Thanks for that infor Rav - for one user it seems to be $50/m which is more than the entire ReckonOne subscription which puts it well outside of a useful pricerange for only a few purchase orders a year.  (based on the minimum price here). But now I know what the other option is other than doing them by hand!
  • Jean_9855189
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    I, too, would like the ability to print a purchase order. I have no need for inventory, as it is a service business, but just a form called Purchase Order to give to a supplier. Or perhaps the ability to modify a form to suit? All I want is a program for Sales Invoicing and marking when paid, plus reports like Open Invoice, Payments Received, Customer Balance report and similar. Plus a Purchase Order template that does not even have to link with anything else. I am interested in the EFTPOS facility. But no need for inventory.

  • Wayne Jarvis
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    Reckon can solve this issue by having customisable from templates, or maybe being able to change the word "Bill" would be helpfull