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Chris Williams
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I am using Reckon Accounts Enterprise.  I have created a custom field within inventory item called Bin Location. On the sales order entry screen I have customised the layouts for a pick ticket as follows.

Bin Location, Stock Code, Description, Qty

When I print our the pick ticket I want to sort the pick ticket by Bin Location so our warehouse staff can walk round the warehouse and pick the items in the most efficiant order. 

Is there any way to do this, I cant see it myself.


  • Kevin Silberberg
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    To which table does your custom field relate (Supplier, Customer, Item, ..)?  Generally, it is possible to download an IIF file from Reckon Accounts which can be opened with Excel.  Sorting by any field including a Custom Field can then be performed within Excel.
  • Chris Williams
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    The custom field is in the inventory items, and I have added that field to the layouts used for displaying order entry and picking note printing. 

    We already export out order details to transfer to another program, so I should be able to do a quick sort in excel and print from there. 

    It would be nice if Reckon could look at adding a way to sort goods on a pick ticket by Bin Location order though.

  • Inigo
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    Hi Chris,

    Create a Custom Transaction Detail Report

    Modify the report:
    - change the title to something relevant, such as Pick List
    - to display the Bin Location custom field
    - to display the Item field
    - to add any other columns you do need
    - to remove any other columns you do not need
    - to Total By = Customer
    - to Sort By = Bin Location
    - filter it to display Transaction Type = Sales Order
    - filter it to display Posting Status = Non Posting
    - filter it any other way you need, such as dates, customer names, etc

    Memorise this report

  • Chris Williams
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    Hi Inigo

    Thank you for the information but I cant seem to get this to work.

    While in Sales Orders, I have made a sale to my customer adding all the relevant items, which all have a Bin Location.  The Sales Order is entered in the same order as the customer has orderded it so our final invoice will match the customers order.

    After saving the order, I recalled the order, and pressed the Journal Button which opened a transaction report for that record.  I customised it as you suggested.

    Within the first tab, Display I added items I needed like Bin Location, and removed items I did not.  There is only one item I can find which displays the Quantity (Qty) and it is a negative value.

    Also on the display tab there is the Sort By Options, I chose Bin Location and Sorted by Ascending Order.

    Our Bin Locations are alpha-numeric

    It does not sort them in order but leaves them in the order I typed the sales order in.

    Then I memorised the report called it Pick Ticket.

    Raised a second order, but when I press Journal it goes back to default.  So I opened the memorised reports and chose PIck TIcket report and it displays the first pick ticket not the new one. 

    I cant find a way to load the report settings for the current order.

    Here is a picture of the report, as you can see Sort By Bin Location in Asending Order yet Bin Location on left is E, C, D, B, A. Refreshing the report it flashes but does not change.