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How do I correctly enter the payg tax withheld, we do IAS monthly. I'm a bit confused as some say go through the employee centre and click pay liabilities.


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    Sandra, I presume your question relates to paying a PAYG liability for a particular month.  The steps are: select Employee Centre then Payroll, then click on the downward arrow to the right of "Related Payment Activities".  Select "Create Custom Liability Payments".  Then enter the period for which you wish to pay the PAYG liability.  You can enter the start and end dates or use the drop down list to select, for example, "Last Payroll Month". Click "OK".  The PAYG (and if appropriate superannuation) liability for the period will be displayed.  Click to the left of the payroll item you are paying.  Make sure the correct bank account is displayed toward the top left.  If it is not, select the appropriate bank account.from the drop down list.  Select the date on which you are making the payment. I always click on the option "Review liability cheque to enter expenses/penalties".  Click on "Create".  You will then be shown the cheque and can enter the cheque number or reference if you are paying electronically.  You can also select the appropriate account (which for my system is an Other Current Liability "PAYG Liabilities").  Click "OK".  You will be shown a message that you have changed the transaction (by entering text or a number, for example).  Click "Yes" or "OK" so that the cheque is saved.