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How to add me to be a new user in Reckon cloud version / Accounting Plus version or invite me to be a second user to access a company files, therefore I can operate this application on line from different location

thank you


  • Alex Tan
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    Hi Tio,

    In regards to the "Reckon cloud version" - we have 2 softwares available which is Reckon Accounts Hosted & Reckon One. Which one might you be referring to? Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One can both be accessed from remote locations which means it is a very flexible solution however can be limiting if your internet speed is not up to pace.

    The Reckon Accounts Plus is intended for single user only and not intended for multi-user / sharing so you would not be able to do this with the software although you may be able to set up a terminal server with Reckon Accounts on it in order to access it from another location. Unfortunately we do not assist with terminal server setup and you would need to seek assistance from your own IT personnel. 

  • Tricia Radotic
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    Hi Alex,

    Is it possible to add a new user on the Reckon Accounts Hosted with a monthly subscription option? If so, where can we set this up as I can't find it through the Control Dashboard?

  • Alex Tan
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    Hi Tricia,

    Adding another user to Reckon Accounts Hosted would involve you purchasing another Accounts Hosted Online license. Every new license purchased would need to be set up as an Annual License which is currently $499 for the year.

    Once the 1 year has lapsed you have the option to renew that license under a monthly payment plan so unfortunately you cannot add a new license under the monthly payment plan.

    If you would still like to go ahead with this you can log into the "Dashboard" with the (example) 1234567-1 account and click "Add Users" then go through the wizard to set it up.

    You can also purchase it through our online e-store or call us to get it sorted out.

    When you set up new users you will need to share the company file with your newly created user so that it has access to the existing files. (also add a new user to the file)
    This is a video on how to share the company file:

    You can also call 1300 799 150 for us to set it up for you. (recommended)