How to find the backup history for a Reckon Accounts data file - QBBackup.log

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There is a file called QBBackup.log which
has useful info about any backups that have been made and where it may be


04/09/2015 05-02-33 PM | Source File Name:  E:\WORK\My Data File.QBW  
04/09/2015 05-02-33 PM | Destination file name:  E:\WORK\My Data File.QBB
04/09/2015 05-02-33 PM | Backup Type:  On Demand. 
04/09/2015 05-02-33 PM | Backup Started!   
04/09/2015 05-02-41 PM | Bytes Read:  69145600 
04/09/2015 05-02-41 PM | Bytes Written:  25696902 
04/09/2015 05-02-41 PM | Backup Finished!   
The source and destination file names as well as the dates are all useful if you ever have a need to know when and where your last backup may be locatred.

The backup log file is typically located in the following folder structures depending on the operating system installed:

Windows XP or Windows 2000: 

C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Local Settings\Application Data\intuit\Quickbooks\log\qbbackup.log

Windows Vista or higher: 

C:\Users\(your user name)\App Data\Local\intuit\Quickbooks\log\qbbackup.log

You can also use the Search function in Windows to locate that file.

If you can't find the qbbackup.log file, it may be that the file is hidden in Windows. 

Follow these steps to show hidden files or folders.

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    Windows 8 / 7 / Vista Users:
    1. Minimise Accounts Business. From the Windows Logo, select Search;
    2. Click Advanced Search;
    3. From the Location drop down, select Local Hard Drives (C:);
    4. Tick: Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow);
    5. Type QBBackup.log in the Search field;
    6. Locate and double-click QBBackup.log. [C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\intuit\ QuickBooks\log].
    Windows XP Users:
    1. Minimise Accounts Business. From the Start menu, select Search;
    2. Click All files and foldersFig.1 below;
    3. In the All or part of the file name field, type qbwin.log and in the Look in field, select Local HardDrives (C:) from the drop-down list. Fig.2;
    4. Click More advanced options. Fig.2;
    5. Select Search hidden files and folders. Fig.3;
    6. Click Search;
    7. Locate and double-click QBBackup.log. [C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks\log].
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