Unrecoverable errors

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Hi every time I try to enter/record a transaction eg Cheque payment Reckon Accounts Plus 2014 keeps crashing - unrecoverable error 20069 45841; 2006993333


  • Mirko
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    Hi Teresa, sounds like there is a data corruption somewhere. Have you tried running a verify data and if an error is found a rebuild data on the data the file? (found under File -> Utilities). ^Mirko.
  • vinia
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    Hello Teresa,

    Thank you for using Reckon Community.

    We have come across unrecoverable error due to some transactions. That is why when we released the patch (R4) for superstream we have included some fixes that may or may not fix the unrecoverable error.

    Since we have now released the 2015, why not upgrade to 2015. If you are not ready yet to do that. Best to patch the superstream patch (R4) to your file given that you are already in R3 - tax table update)

    to get the R4 patch - click the link: http://home.reckon.com.au/support/Home/Downloads/UpdatesServicePacks.aspx

    NOTE: Before installing the patch please read the guide carefully and make sure that a file backup has been done.

    if you are license is up to date for 2014, you should be able to download the 2015 version for free when you log in to the member section and log in using your customer i.d and pin.

    member section link: http://members.reckon.com/Login.aspx

    Please do not hesitate to reply to this email if further information is needed.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Vinia Laguda

    Reckon Technical Support