Work Arounds vs Automation

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Business automation and living with work arounds , businesses have to keep making choices all the time. What makes the processing of data or accounting entry easier, quicker, less time consuming, and cost effective. For the last 17 years and more, i have noticed we get stuck with some processes that is very laborious, repetitve, time consuming , and to over come this we look for work arounds , that may cut down painful processes that i have mentioned.
However, i have found they still are not fixing the situation . The business in these days, coming of cloud technology now offer APIs and to automate system. This where we have one cloud Accounting system is getting to be more prevalent and getting the attraction of lots of accountants and new shift to lots of business.  How ever, we have Reckon Accounts, it has been around for more than 25 years, a solid , stable application with most of the features already there , a great product that i have been very much passionate for so many years. However,  like any things in life, it has some shortcomings and we wish its available, but its not the case, so , we live with work arounds  or just get used to it without it. We can get most of the shortcomings, workarounds, wish list features, can be resolved  and automated. Let us know if you have any issues where your business is suffering in this kind of situation.

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