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Kumara Panditha
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I have got RSK POS lite 2014 integrated with Reckon Accounts plus 2014. I cannot find find where to turn on the Unit of Measure conversion feature. It doesn't show under Edit/Preferences/Item Inventory/company preferences, I am just wondering if this feature is available in this version at all. Could someone help please?


  • Graham Boast
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    Hi Kumera Units of Measure is only in Reckon Premier 2 user licence and above. In addition, even if you set up units of measure in Accounts, this does not flow through to POS. You will need to set up groups instead (available in Plus). So if your base measurement is a bottle, and you also sell by the case and half-case, then you will end up with 3 items: bottle, case, half case. You will also need to set up a discount item to control the pricing as it defaults to the base price x no items. I can do a remote session with you if you need guidance. Graham Boast 0409317366 Reckon Accredited Consultant

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