Reckon Accounts EasyStart First Business Edition 2014 - Printing Account Fast Reports

Luke H
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Hi there,

Hopefully a relatively simple query. When I open the ‘Chart of Accounts’ I can double click on any account to produce a ‘fast report’ which can then be printed.

I cannot find a way to get a list of every account at once in this format though. I know it can be done as I have older financial year files containing such a report. I do wonder if this version of the program allows me to do that though, as it is possible the previous user had a fancier version.

 Thanks a heap


  • Shane_6461899
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    Hi Luke,

    It sounds like your describing the general ledger report.  Its found under Reports > Accountant Reports > General Ledger.  This report list each account and under each account the transactions linked to it.  Basically it's a "transaction detail by account".

    Hope that helps. Regards,


  • Luke H
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    Indeed I am, I figured it must be something simple and obvious I was missing. Thanks a heap for your response and answer Shane