copy paste/remittances in $A for foreign currencies /printing

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when is Reckon going to address the long winded waste of time with copy and pasting?
and the many clicks to print?
and the foreign currency appearing as $A on remittances is still not resolved despite you marking my previous  thread as solved.


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    Hi Karen, thanks for your feedback.

    1. At this point in time only Internet Explorer has native access to the machine clipboard. Integration with other browsers is being investigated for future releases.
    2. The amount of clicks it takes to print is also dependent on the browser being used. In general it should require roughly the same amount of clicks it would take to print a statement from your Internet Banking Portal. One work around is to save as pdf, once the pdf preview is open click print there. Needless to say, like all aspects of the software we are looking to improve the workflow and the Hosted team is constantly investigating ways to make such things a possibility.
    3. With regards to the issue you have discovered with foreign currency, this has been escalated to Development to review for future releases.
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    Hi Mirko,
    thank you for your response.
    Actually it has just taken me 6 clicks to save 1 invoice to a pdf. And it took me 4 clicks to save a bank statement just now. However I can live with 4 clicks for a statement I download once a month. Invoices, statements etc are MANY times a day at 6 clicks each time. Much more volume.

    As for the copy and paste it is what disappoints/frustrates me the most, as I use it constantly.

    And as for the foreign remittances that is good they have escalated, lets hope it's soon. 

    Thank for you time Mirko.
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