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I'm using Reckon Accounts Enterprise on Multi currency
I originally imported the Chart of Accounts and then have entered a lot of transactions since the starting date of 1 April.
I now find that the Chart of Accounts import didn't give those accounts a currency. (they just have nothing - whereas the ones I have added since have NZ or AU)

I am trying to set up a credit card account and when I try to enter a credit card charge a warning comes up "The currency of the customer/supplier you selected must match your account currency"
Is there any way I can change the currency of the accounts so they will match up.

I'm hoping that I don't have to set-up new accounts and reallocate all the transactions to them  and delete the old ones!!


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    Hi Lydia,

    Welcome to Reckon Community!

    In Multi-currency, the Accounts and the Name involved in a transaction must have the same Currency. Accounts with different Currencies cannot be merged.

    There are two options you can try - for either one, please create a backup of your file prior and consult your Accountant for possible effect of such changes:

    1. Create a new CC account with the correct Currency and enter correct balance - to be used from that point forward. 

    2. Again, backup before proceeding with this step - Export as an IIF File (from File | Utilities) the Chart of Account and the Customer/Supplier List and change the Currencies. Then import back as an IIF File. There may be some adverse effect on your accounts after this due to the Foreign Exchange - which once more, check your reports and speak with your accountant.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,