Quantity on purchase order in item list, however none actually on purchase order

Tim Jenkins
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When we upgraded to Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2015 one of the items in the item list shows that there is 1000 quantity on purchase order. Running a fast report shows nothing on purchase order. Also looking at the open purchase orders has no open purchase orders for this supplier. 

This error has affected us as our purchasing team thought we had some already on order when we actually didn't.

I have had a play around with old purchase orders, tried changing the quantity on order, tried decreasing the amount to 0, even though we had received all against all orders already. 

Is there a way of making the item list show the correct amount (0) to prevent future errors occurring.

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  • Shisir
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    Hi Tim

    Thank you for asking Reckon community.

    This seems very unusual and I can only think of some data corruption. however can you please confirm when you did the Fast report, did you change the ‘date range to all’, just in case if there were any sitting from your previous dates. If you still do not not see any, please try do verify and rebuild of the file.


    Please let me know how it goes.