Losing/duplicated invoices

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We're currently running Reckon Accounts Premier at work on the server, with 5 PC's accessing the company file.

Occasionally if there is a crash (network drops out or Reckon crashes etc) any invoices generated in the last half an hour seem to disappear.

We have only noticed this as we have stumbled across duplicate invoices. Meaning, the last invoice number generated before the crash is apparently not saved. Then when we reboot, the system uses that invoice number again for the next invoice generated.

If anyone has experienced this issue and has any advice, apart from the obvious fixing network crashes, it would be much appreciated.



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    Glen - we meet again, on the forum!

    You say 'apart from the obvious remedy of the crashing network'  but that really must be seen to.   The half-hour time frame seems long as your example - is that really true?   Allocation of the invoice to the 'current' user, in a multi-user environment,  should be immediately setting the NEXT invoice number in place for the very next user.   Are you saying the initial invoice is started, but not saved and meantime there is a crash?  IE: the preparation of that 'missing' invoice was taking in excess of 30 minutes before it was saved?  IE:  start creating it, go to lunch, come back, and discover the system has crashed ?

    Please outline the network layout so that the environment can be considered in relation to this.  IE: what operating system and version is the 'hosting' server and same  details for each of the client PC's,  and perhaps, you might like to see if there is any relationship to  the 'missing' invoices and any one particular client PC.


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