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Hi.. im using Reckon premier edition 2014, is there an option to create invoices in CSV format? Thanks


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    Hello Kavi,

    Thank you for the post.

    Yes, you are correct, the only option available so far is to save it as pdf.

    Please feel free to ask if any questions you may have.


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    There is one possible approach, depending on how much information you want to put into the CSV  file.

    a)  Whilst the INVOICE is being edited (after it is completed in full),   click the "JOURNAL" menu that appears at the top of the 'Create Invoices' screen you are sitting at

    b)  You will be presented with  a Transaction JOURNAL screen.  On THAT screen, there is an EXPORT menu button, that will allow you to export the entire double sided entry (journal) to an EXCEL compatible CSV file.

    You'll have to deal with the column layout and content from there.  But without more clues on your purpose,  we're second guessing whether this is a solution to your problem.


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    Hi Gary, thanks for your comment,we have better options , exporting via journal, thats regressive options , i have offered  our automated option all real time, but at this moment , they are making do with exporting journals. the volume is very very small. it was great talking to Kavi.

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