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Since a few days we are having n some very small accounts (rarely used), the remark "overflow". We are based in Vietnam as a small social enterprice, and use QB since a lon time. But now we have the issue of "overflow", which is fist of all not supported by Reckon (the Australian dealer for QB). They advise us to upgrade for US750 to a new version, as our (2012) is not supported anymore.

This is not a solution, data recovery does nt work, as suggested on this side, adn even the numbers are below the maximum suggested 9,999,999,999. There is something wrong, anyone an idea. We use multicurrency ut no invetory of connected POS.

Your help is greatly appreciated, and for anyone with the solution cme and get your free donut and coffee, on us!



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    Hi Donkey,

    If you have been using QB for a long time, your problem may be that you have too many names on file. Names include Customers, Vendors, Employees and Other Names combined.

    Have a look at the link below for more info on the subject.


    Good luck,


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    You have 2 separate products, US still make and support Quickbooks.  Reckon have an Australian version of the old US quickbooks and the programs are very different to the current US program.

    Perhaps US support or Singapore support can assist with your product.