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I am using QuickBooks Accounting: Small Business 2007/08 on Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.  Having upgraded my system to include a solid-state drive, I have re-installed QuickBooks, and now need to activate it.

I sent through a request to the customer services e-mail for a licence key, which I have attempted to enter into the activation screen.  However, it appears that this licence key is not valid, as when I click on 'Finish', there's no specific error code that comes up but the values in the screen blank out.

When I queried this with customer services, they asked me for a screendump of the activation screen, which I provided.  Subsequent to this, I received a further e-mail with a licence key (which happened to be the same one I was sent originally).  Upon entering this licence key, I encountered the same problem (key not being accepted; values reverting to blank).

Are there any other configuration issues that I may have overlooked?


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    Hi Steven,

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    When you're attempting to activate your software do you have a company file open? If not, try opening a company file first and then attempt to activate again.