Using the Superannuation Export in Payroll Premier 2015/2016 crashes the program

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I have installed the new 2015/2016 Payroll Premier update and am now running that version.  It is working fine, except when I attempt to export the superannuation information.  As soon as I click on the menu item "Export > Super Export", it freezes and then crashes the program.  (ie.  I don’t even get to the screen where I select the report date range before it crashes)

Does anyone know what is causing this?


  • vinia
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    Hello Melissa,

    Thank you for using the Reckon Community.

    I suggest that you delete the Qcompany.tps file and then try again. if the same thing happens. I would suggest that you call in our support team as I may need further assistance why the program crashes.

    1. To make sure the issue is not the file - please open the sample file and then use the export again. if it didn't crash please delete the Qcompany.tps

    2. Close Payroll Premier and go to C:\QPRollV24\Data and look for Qcompany.tps

    3. Delete the file - and re-open Payroll premier again

    4. do the export and see if the same.

    our support line is: 1300 137 657

    Kind Regards,

    Vinia Laguda

    Reckon Support