Choosing a printer for Printing Remittances

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Since updated to the 2015 Reckon Accounts software, I am now unable to choose a printer when printing a remittance advice, it just automatically prints when I click Ok. Is there a way to make sure a box opens so I can change my printer preferences when printing Remittance Advices? Also is there a way to make an edited remittance template a default so it doesnt have to be selected each time? Thank you 


  • Deny Dharmawan
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    Hi Office,

    In Reckon Accounts 2015, there is no option to change the printer when printing Remittance Advices. You can change the Printer Setup before printing the Remittance Advices from File > Printer Setup > Remittance Advices.

    Currently you cannot make your customised template as the default for Remittance Advices.

    Deny Dharmawan