Set Number of Previous Companies - Fix

John Graetz
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edited July 2020 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)
Each year it has been necessary to follow the Knowledge Base ID # 3611 options to enable the previously opened companies to appear on the list when going to File/Open Previous Companies, even though the "Set number of companies" has been set to greater than zero.  For the 2015 desktop version of Accounts, I ended up at Workaround # 4 after the three previous workarounds had not made any  difference.  Workaround # 4 was to right click on the Accounts Program icon on the desktop, click on Properties, then click on the Compatibility Tab and then tick "Run this program as an administrator", which I did.  I then tried to open the program but it just hung and refused to get past having the menu bar appear at the top of the screen".  Despite numerous attempts nothing would work and it was noted that not having this ticked would allow the program to open, but not allow the previous companies opened to appear on the list.
After some consultation with Reckon support, I ticked "Run this program as an administrator" and then immediately re-started my computer.  The, after re-starting, when I started up Accounts 2015 it opened up with the previous company that I had open.  But not only that, the "Open Previous Company" drop out box was now populated with every company that I had opened in the last few days, something which I have never seen happen in any previous year.
So if you are having problems in getting previous companies to appear, you might like to try this fix.  John