Stock missing from portfolio view

Neil Donaldson_7618899
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I'm currently running Quicken Personal Accounts plus 2015 and have noticed that a stock that has been added to a trading account fails to appear in the portfolio view and I can see no reason why. I have also noticed that the "Net Worth" total is not updating when new stock prices are put in and it also doesn't change when I choose an earlier date in the "As of" box in portfolio view.

If anyone else has had this problem I would be interested to know the solution.


  • Jan Leach
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    I have the same problem in Home & Business 2016. A recently purchased stock does not appear in the portfolio view, even when selected "Securities to be selected" section of the Customise Current View box. It does appear in the cash account as a purchase, but doesn't appear in the portfolio. Any hints??
  • Judy Birkenhead
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    solved my problem - thanks
  • Steve R
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    what was the solution this problem? (I have the same issue).

  • Steve R
    Steve R Member Posts: 4

    Just sorted it out using the 'customise' window. cheers