Why did my Reckon One invoices jump from 19 to 24?

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I have a client that I recommended Reckon One to. He has just asked me this, Why did my Reckon One invoices jump from 19 to 24? I don't know how to answer his question, as I have logged in and found no reason for it. Can anyone enlighten me, so that my client doesn't lose faith in the product and my future recommendations?


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    Hi ieramanit,

    In the current version of Reckon One (the HTML 5 release) the invoice number is allocated once an invoice is saved & the invoice numbering increments for each invoice saved.


    1. Say I have a new book

    2. Create a new invoice & save the invoice = INV0001

    3. Create another new invoice & save the invoice = INV0002

    4. Delete INV0002

    5. Create another new invoice & save the invoice = INV0003

    6. Create another new invoice but don't save the invoice... i.e. cancel it before saving (no invoice number is allocated)

    7. Create another new invoice & save the invoice = INV0004

    If you delete a previously saved invoice (in the example above INV0002) & then later create & save another new invoice, the deleted invoice number (INV0002) is not reused.

    So my assumption is that your client may have deleted some previously saved invoices (INV0020, INV0021, INV0022 & INV0023) for what ever reasons... which is why their invoice numbering has a gap between INV0019 & INV0024. 

    I hope this info helps.

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    They may have also created Credit Notes/Adjustments and they take the next inv number as well

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    Also... Did he create and save the invoices as 'draft'  but not use them, and then deleted them?
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    how do I find 'draft invoices?' in reckon 1? they  may be where my missing numbers are......

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    Hi Rosie, In order to have access to draft invoices you need to enable 'Sales approvals'. Sales approvals are only available in the medium level invoicing module image Sales approvals are disable by default in new books. If your book has the medium level invoicing module, the option to enable/disable sales approvals is available in the the general settings screen. Administration menu (i.e. the cog icon in the top right of the screen) > General settings > Day to day > Selling tab If sales approvals are disabled then the invoicing screen only shows the following 4 tabs: All, Unpaid, Overdue & Paid. image In this scenario any new invoices are assigned a status of unpaid. If sales approvals are enabled then the invoicing screen shows 5 tabs: All, Draft, Approved, Overdue & Paid. image In this scenario any new invoices are assigned a status of draft until they are approved.
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    Hi ieramanit,

    Welcome to Reckon Community!

    I concur in what Qwerty has suggested as well as the Partners suggestions.

    Invoice Numbers are automatically assigned when a transaction is saved - regardless of its Status. The numbers increment by 1 for each saved transaction.

    I would also like to clarify that other transactions such as Adjustment Notes peruses a different numbering function and should not affect Invoices numbering.

    Seeing the All tab for Invoices should display the entire created invoices and their Status with or without the Approval process enabled.

    In this case, the only possibility for the jump is the deletion of saved Invoices.

    Hope it helps!

    Kind Regards,

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    i had this problem where invoice numbers jumped by two every invoice - i spoke to support who told me the same answers as listed below, when i stopped laughing i got him to log in and try it himself. 

    "oooh i will report this to the development team" he said.?
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    btw after spending the last 4 months with Reckon One, i'd lose faith in you if you recommended it to anyone

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    How do I mark this question as Solved, so that there are no more replies going to my inbox? I understand that reason for the initial jump in Invoices and I am looking forward to the day when I can edit the Invoice numbers within Reckon One, so that they will flow on from the Invoices originally issued from MYOB. 
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    Hi ieramanit,

    This question has been marked as answered but it remains available to the community who can continue the thread, for when they have a variation to this issue or seeking more detail.  So as a contributor to the thread you will continue getting emails......

    ....until you click on Unfollow at the top right of the screen.

    Hope this does it for you.

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    New to Reckon 1 and finding the inability to edit invoice numbers, among a litany of other issues,  ridiculously archaic and frustrating.  I use multiple alternative accounting programs and have never been so limited in customising settings to suit individual clients.

    Is there a timeline for the implementation of customisable invoice numbers?

    In the meantime is there a reasonable work around as I am transcribing existing invoices into my new Reckon 1 book (originals were created in our current Reckon 2013 software and subsequently issued to clients) and I deleted one unaware of this numbering constraint .  I am now unable to allocate the correct invoice number to align with those already issued.

    Really regretting not having done my due diligence in reviewing Reckon 1 customer satisfaction before paying for data conversion :|
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    Hi Master Painters, 


    Consider this workaround of using the Reference code field instead of the Invoice Number field in the printed invoice.

    1)      On the top right corner of the Reckon One screen click on the ‘gears/cog’ icon’ and then select the Settings menu option

     2)      Go to the section “General” and click on “Manage invoice templates” to change its settings


    3)      Expand the “HEADER” section

    ·         Select the specific template you want to modify in the “Template name” drop-down list

    ·         Set the “Invoice number” to No so that it is not displayed, whilst setting the “Reference code” field to Yes

           A preview of the template will now show only the Ref #

          Note that the word "Ref #" cannot be changed to "Invoice #".

    Reckon Data Recovery Team
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    Thanks - that's a great work around :)

    Fingers crossed that editing invoice numbers will be come an option in the future but this will do in the mean time.