When trying to lodge BAS I get an "Server Error in '/' Application." error

Mike Paneth
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I have just upgraded to Reckon Accounts Premier 2015 and when I try to lodge my BAS I get the error "Server Error in '/' Application."


The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /BusinessPortal/Default.aspx

Any ideas on how to get it fixed?

Using Windows 8.1



  • gazza73
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    This appears to be an issue at the ATO end.

    I tested this by doing a manu attempt to access the ATO Business Portal via:  https://bp.ato.gov.au/ 
    and going to the LOGIN,


    When I login,  I get the same error,  so I believe this to be an ATO server issue as at this point in time (22:50PM  11/7/2015)


    This could be a temporary outage or overload situation (ie: that website SUB-page not reachable) or it is down for weekend maintenance,  or there is some developmental change going on at the ATO end.

    The moral of the story is:  Always tackle the problem from a a different, unrelated angle, and see if there is a common outcome.  Then you know which end of the puzzle has the likely cause of the problem.

    Possible solutions:

    - alert the ATO help line:

    - log a fault with ATO:

    - or assume somebody else has run the emergency number and wait till they repair it!

    PS:  I logged this issue now, in case nobody else does.

    Gary Pope
    An Accredited Partner- Consultant  (VIC. Aust)
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          independent IT Professional
    and retired FCPA Accountant"

  • gazza73
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    Well - further investigation found that the ATO is down for maintenance from 8PM 11th July


    Outage Alerts Attention


    The Portals will be unavailable Saturday 11 July 8.00pm EST to Sunday 12 July 8.00am EST for scheduled maintenance.

    The portals will be unavailable at the following times for scheduled system maintenance.

    Scheduled start time

    Scheduled end time

    Saturday 11 July 8.00pm EST

    TO  Sunday 12 July 8.00am EST

    Saturday 1 August 8.00pm EST

    TO  Sunday 2 August 8.00am EST

    Saturday 5 September 8.00pm EST

    TO  Sunday 6 September 8.00am EST

    Saturday 3 October 8.00pm EST

    TO  Sunday 4 October 8.00am EDT

    Saturday 7 November 9.00pm EDT

    TO  Sunday 8 November 9.00am EDT

    Saturday 5 December 9.00pm EDT

    TO  Sunday 6 December 9.00am EDT

    So:  seems like the ATO likes doing lots of Saturday night maintenance.

    So - rest easy until after breakfast on Sunday.....


  • Mike Paneth
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    Great answer

    Thank you

    PS This may be an improvement opportunity for Reckon to reduce confusion by making the error response message clearer, so people can understand what they are trying to say !  :-)

  • gazza73
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    Unfortunately,  the error screen you are observing, has nothing to do with Reckon.  It is the error message presented from trying to reach one of the ATO websites which was unavailable at the time.    Gary