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We have Reckon Accounts Premier 2015, with our own standalone server hosting it, then 4 PCs accessing it.

We are getting a new web site built to sell products on line, as well as the existing physical store.  All sales data from the web site will be exported to a single csv file, which we would then like to import into Reckon Accounts, rather than having to manually enter every sale that is made via the web site.

I called the helpdesk and was advised that it may not be possible and transaction data can only be imported from another Reckon file.

Surely there has to be a way of doing this?  Is there a good third party add on that can do this?


  • John Goldsmith_6529492
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    There are several third party addons that work with Quickbooks so they should also work with the Australian version of Reckon accounts 2015. If you website is being built using Big Commerce, their website can help.
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    yes, we can look into it
    call us on 02 95411338 , or 0407068942

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    Zed Axis ( is a third party program that can do this job for you. Well recommended!
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    Davidson MG

     - YES:  there are third party products from collaborative Reckon Accounts Partners.   I see Chandra has chimed in above,  and we have clients running products related to the sister product Enterprise for instance.    There is light at the end of the tunnel, so contact the partners that are mentioned here.

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