Employee wage and boarding

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Hi all,
I am currently using reckon POS 2015 in window server 2008.
There are two issues I would like your advices.
First, I have an employee who work for a pub with hotel and staying in one of the room. So we pay her $500 less her rental plus 3 meals per day at $125. So how do I record that? There is only $375 in the bank statement going into her bank account. How do I record the other $125? I attempted to create an asset account call boarding and make an item list in payroll as boarding.  imageimageimageimage
Is what I did so far correct?

Second, there is an employee resigned from her position. What should I do to terminate her?
I read from the reckon account guide but not sure if I understand the process correctly. Would you be able to guide me? She got 30 hours left in her annual leave. Plus she work for 2 days before she resign. 

Thank you so much.