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I am using Reckon Accounts enterprise accountant edition 2014. I am trying to clean up accounts payable. There are numerous suppliers that either have a negative balance and need to be cleared or amounts that have not been paid for many years and also need to be cleared out.

What do I need to do so that the accounts payable shows an accurate balance?



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    Just ignoring the fact of GST effect, and how has your accountant been dealing with these, have expenses and GST been over claimed, underclaimed.

    To clear these out the quickest way, setup a new bank account call it Supplier Clearing Account.

    For any suppliers that are in credit raise a bill to that supplier and allocate to the Supplier Clearing Account no tax code.

    Then go into Pay Bills.

    Select the Supplier Clearing Account as the bank account.

    Tick the suppliers you want to clear, any that you have just raised a bill when you click on the bill select, Set Credits. This will then apply the credits against the bill you raised.

    For the balance of the bills you want to clear this will then pay an amount from the Supplier Clearing Account.

    You will end up with a net balance in the Supplier Clearing Account, from the Bills raised and the Bills Paid.

    You will then need to do a journal to clear this Supplier Clearing Account, to somewhere.

    You will need to discuss with your accountant as to where it needs to go, depending on how they have treated the incorrectness in your creditors in the past.

    As I mentioned before doing this will have an effect on the GST.

    If you are on a cash basis the bills just paid, you will be now claiming the GST on them, unless you back date the payment of the bills to a prior BAS period and not your current one.

    If you are on an Accrual basis you will have already claimed the GST in the past but was this correct?


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    My immediate response....Start a new file.

    but in truth it takes a bit of sorting and you will definitely need to look at GST !!! when was it paid for etc.

    I Would start with one supplier and look to see if any 'write chqs' were used instead of 'paybills/billpayments' .

    DEFINITELY talk with  the company's accountant. to see how they want the situation handled.

    Angie Carlyle