Personal Plus and Windows 10 Upgrade

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Web site re-directions from Reckon and Share updates not working after upgrade to Windows 10. Reckon's response suggests i not use their software for Reckon web access and talk to technical at $4.90/min about the share updating. Oh come on Reckon have you given up. I have asked them to certify in writing that their product is fully compatible with Windows 10. Using Reckon Personal Plus 2015


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    Thanks for your experience of Windows 10, as it is a direction I am also wanting to go.

    The most likely problems "could" be your RPP license to access the share price site, or problems with accessing the web site via Windows 10.

    Have you been able to confirm that you have download access via Windows 10 to other sites, say to where you can download .csv price info ?

    When you try to download prices with qpp 2015, do you get an error report or just no apparent update ?

    Have you looked in security detail view and checked for any info ?

    With previous upgrades to Win 7 or Win 8, some problems were around administrator rights, so you could try running qpp as administrator and see if that shows a change.

    I'd be interested to know what you find, as in general, the reports I have for other packages on Win 10 is that changing from 8 to 10 has reported few problems.


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    Good reply, Keith,  and if I may add,  some of the findings at the foot of this article are worthy to note, for early adopters of WIn 10:


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    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Reckon Community

    The 2015 was released before Windows 10 became available so we cannot guarantee Accounts Personal Plus working as expected in all regards on it.  The next release - 2016, due in November - will be fully compatible with Windows 10.


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    Hi Allan,

    As 2015 is not fully compatible with Windows 10, the programme may not operate as intended.  Best results are obtained with setting the launch icon to Run as Admin and having Internet Explorer as your default browser (by default Windows 10 uses the new Windows Edge).  The 2016 release will be fully compatible with Windows 10.

    I've tested the share and currency download on a new Windows 10 install on a virtual machine witha  number files, and the process worked as expected (updated within a few seconds) with Internet Explorer as the default browser.  With Windows Edge it worked but crashed the programme.  

    Could you supply a little more detail about other issues surrounding your update experience.