Windows 10 and Printing

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After the Windows 10 upgrade I have just today discovered an issue.

When I go to print everything was ok until today when I went to print to PDF using Nitro (having read that there have been issues with using Reckon PDF and Email.)

First off all looked to have worked well until I went to get the invoice only to then find that the invoice was not in the location I stated.  I then went to print again and now Reckon simply stops responding and eventually shuts down

I have tried to shut down Reckon properly however it seems it is remembering the last printer used (being the Nitro PDF printer) and this is causing issues.

Any ideas from here, I can not remove Nitro PDF as I use it daily and it simply is NOT an option.  When I try to select printers in the sales receipt screen the system stops responding before I can even get to the screen for printer selection.  Is there somewhere else perhaps I can change the printer setting.

Version I am running is Enterprise 2015


  • Malcolm Renneboogh
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    Well ended up calling a guy in Tech SUpport, Phillip is his name, first helpful person I have ever spoken to at Reckon who did not tell me how sorry he was to hear my issues and actually fixed this.

    The issue got worse where I could not use Enterprise on this PC, tried to un install and do a fresh install, no go as got error messages stopping this all happening.  Then Phillip sent me this little thing to do which I did (have pasted below) and all is now workiing perfectly now again and if anything the Enterprise is working faster and cleaner.

    As soon as I fixed the printer services issue I can now install the 2015 to get a clean install and my update also has worked as well....finally

    1.       Click on the Start button and type Services.msc into the search box; Windows 8 (and 10):  just type Services into your Services Screen then click on the Services search result.

    2.       Scroll down the list to Print Spooler

    3.       Right-click it and select Stop

    a.       take note of any dependent services linked to the Print Spooler when stopped.

    b.      Do not select the Restart option as this will not stop the dependent services that need to be stopped.

    4.       Right-click the Print Spooler again and select Start

    5.       Close the Services Window

    6.       Install Accounts Business 2014

    7.       Open Accounts Business 2014 and Activate

    8.       Confirm that Accounts Business opens and closes properly

    9.       Once confirmed installed and working you need to restart the dependent services of the Print Spooler as noted in 3 above

    a.       Click on the Start button and type Services.msc into the search box;

    b.      Scroll down to the first dependent service noted in 3 above;

    c.       Right-click it and select Start;

    d.      Repeat for all dependent services.

    10.   Close the Services Window.

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    step 6 and 7 - is that meant to read '2014' ?

  • Reckon FAQs
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    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for picking up the year difference.  It appears these steps are taken from an article written when 2014 was the latest version.  For 2015 version users you would substitute 2015.  

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    Andrew your comments are very valid. I have a mobile business in a regional area. Mobile broadband is patchy at times, so for me, cloud is really not an option. NBN for me is still 2-3 years away.

    I have used QB/Reckon products since 2008. Some printing issues have been around for several years, particularly with 64-bit operating systems.

    Reckon take note ! 64-bit is now the standard. Get out of the 32-bit dark ages. Time to fix these issues ! Not with hacks and workarounds, but with genuine, permanent fixes

    Also should not have to "Run as Administrator". In some business environments this may be a security issue. The Reckon desktop product should work correctly with a Windows Standard User.

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    I have been keeping a eye on this printing/emailing issue for a while now. This is the first i have heard of this turning on and off of the 'print spooler' in 'services' .... I wonder how many at Reckon tech support know of this...???

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    Windows 10 has a PDF printer, which works fine, no need for 3rd party printer unless you have some special needs particular to a certain product.
  • Spilly
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    Was talking about, the OP need of Nitro PDF printer.
  • John G
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    Hi Tim,

    Yes, for simple, normal printing of a document you can use any PDF writer and not  RAB's Save as PDF.  However, if you are emailing invoices, statements (especially in a batch) then you need a PDF writer that is configured especially for Reckon Accounts Business so that the PDF is immediately attached to the email, and then progresses on to the next email on the list.