Accounts Plus 2013 - restart programm - cannot open company file

Tina Kessler
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Had to upload Reckon Accounts Plus 2013 on a new computer but now cannot open my company file. It is said to be a R2 file and the programm downloaded is only R1. What does that mean and how can I fix it, so that I can open my company file?


  • Kerry_Johnson
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    Hi Tina, R1 is the first release, R2 being the second and contains updated software/tax tables etc. You will need to download the R2 upgrade file and install before opening your R2 edition company file.


  • gazza73
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    Grab the R2 update for the 2013 product from the following website link for SUPPORT updates


  • Tina Kessler
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    Hi Gary, thanks a lot. Problem is, when I try to download the R2 update I simply can't. I just get redirected to the page Downloads/UpdatesServicePacks.aspx.

    What can I do?

    (I called Reckon and the customer service said that I should try the Upgrade 2014 version, which I did. But then I cannot open my 2013-company file as the system says that it cannot be open as I have a newer programm version.)

    Do you have an advice?


  • gazza73
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    To fetch the R2 update for the older 2013 product,  should be from that link I mentioned:.

    Depending on the web BROWSER program you are using (frrefox, Chrome, Saari or MS Internet Explorer etc etc).....   I trust you can at least get to the webpage where all the kits (updates/filess for downloading) are located.   Be sure to find the R2  (also known as the TAX UPDATE)  for the specific year of interest,  which for you, is the old 2013.

    Tongight when I go there, it is the 4th one down the list,  with this description, followed by a green DOWNLOAD button:

    Reckon Accounts 2013Update Name:Reckon Accounts 2013 Tax UpdateReleased:27 June 2013Size:12MBDescription:Compliance updates for the 2013/14 financial year and some functional enhancements for XP Users and the TPAR report.Products:Reckon Accounts 2013 Accounting, Plus, Pro, Premier and Enterprise (Australian Releases)

    When yo CLICK the DOWNLOAD button, your BROWSER program shold be running off to fecth that filem which is 12MB in size.  depending on what the speed of your internet connection is,  this may only take a minute to fetch.

    Some browser programs display the file you're downloading in the bottm left corner of your browser window..... whereas others put the file inot whatever you have designated is your DOWNLOAD folder on your computer,  such as your user profile area near "My DOcuments" where there is sometimes a DOWNLOAD sub-folder.   WHat you're looking for, is the fetched file of some 12MB in size.

    When you locate that file, (and perhaps your prblem is, either you're not fetching it, or if you are,  you're not sure where it landed on your PC)....  but the next step is to double-0click on the FILE to install it.  Installing "R2" over the top of the existing "R1"  simply upgrades the PROGRAM.

    The PROGRAM has to be at the same revision level (ie: R1 or R2)  to match up with the COMPANY FILE  (the .QBW file) that is at the same level (ie: R1 or R2 status).

    WHen you open up the program,  and open your data file,  that level check is done, if not mathcing, refuses to open.  Once open,  you can see what version you are running by holding  "CTL" key with the number "1" key,  and the WINDOW that appears tells you all about the revisions/history and content of your company file.

    Try that  or call me on 0408994799 in Melbourne to chat this over.

    Gary Pope

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