Reckon Account Plus 2014 - 2015/16 Tax tables

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Hi Guys, how do i get the 15/16 tax tables into my Reckon accounts plus 2014 product? Am i forced to buy the 2015 product?


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    Hi Product User,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    The Tax Table Update is only issued for the current year version, so the FY 2015/16 tables are available only for the 2015 version.

    This year's update also contained a second file format for the SuperData Export File, the SAFF format used by the ATO's Small Business Super Clearing House and accepted by most Super Clearing Houses.  


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    Hi Product User,
    Other than the features John has mentioned above, the only change to the tax tables this year is those with a HECS/HELP debt.
    So if you do not have anyone, then the current 2014 rates will still be fine.
    Kind regards,
    Sally McIntosh (
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    Thanks Guys. Much appreciated.