error 1904 on installation of Reckon 2015

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trying to install reckon for the first time and at the end of install, I get 6 pop boxes advising of
Error 1904 Module ...\msgDBAddIn.dll' failed to register. 
Error 1904 Module ...\TerminalDownloadTool.dll' failed to register
Error 1904 Module ...\QBupdate.dll' failed to register
and so on.

I have tried uninstalling the program from control panel, deleting all installation files and deleting registry key LocalMachine_Software_Intuit folder and then installing again but the same errors appear.

I followed installation steps of disabling antivirus during install and all windows updates for Win7 are up to date.

What do I need to do to get this program installed and working?


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    A quick look through MS reported errors for 1904 give little to go on here.  Although there were examples of conflicting Adobe programs, faulty registry,  and I see other programs (even our neighbouring Intuit suppliers) having 1904 errors some time ago....   Ut takes two to tango as they say.   So always take a broader look into the situation, rather than hammer away at the new thing you;re trying.

    So there might be some other aspect of your machine that is tripping up the new installation of this new program you want to install.  This could be an operating system or environment matter (other programs, or a poor patch for instance).  But before jumping to conclusions anybody trying to help you will want to know:

    a) what operating system  type and year and service pack.
        ie:  is it Windows 7 Professional,   64-bit  with SP1   for instance
        or some Home edition,   or perhaps v8.x or 10 ......  
        or are you running a non-windows based environment with Windows in a VM etc...... (ie MAC)

    b) are there any other issue with the underlying system in terms of passing all scan tests for malware and is the registry clean.  But fiddling into the registry with the regedit  tool is a bit game....

    These are questions for your IT people really,  but also,  they are factors that anybody trying to find a solution, will need to know about your particular site/installation.

    Gary Pope

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    Hi Regan,

    Go to your Reckon Accounts 2015  installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Reckon Accounts 2015 and scroll down to the file reboot.exe.  Double click to run it and it will re-register all the DLL files Reckon Accounts needs to run.  Then launch Reckon Accounts again.

    If the problem persists, there may be a problem with Microsoft C++ - see Error 1904 Module nnnnn failed to register when installing QuickBooks for a full guide.

    If the problem persists please call Technical Support.

    Hope this helps.