ATO- Message on WIN 10- maybe use full to some!!!!

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from Cosmic Accounting Group, this is announcement from ATO , may be handy to some!!!

Windows 10 technical issues
26 days ago

Published 24 July 2015

Windows 10 will be available from 29 July 2015. We have identified some technical issues when using AUSkey and ELS in the Windows 10 environment.



  • The default browser for Windows 10, Edge does not include ActiveX support. AUSkey users will experience the same issues with Edge as they have with Chrome. That is, users will be unable to use Chrome to access participating government online services.
  • Clients are still able to use Internet Explorer (IE) 11 with Windows 10.
  • IE11 still includes ActiveX support meaning AUSkey will continue to work with IE11.

If you are using AUSkey, make sure you are using a current version of the (External link)Java software(External link). The latest version includes security improvements.

Workaround options

  • do not upgrade to Windows 10
  • use IE11 with Windows 10

For more information about (External link)AUSkeycompatibility(External link).



  • Cisco VPN Client is no longer supported and will not work in Windows 10 environment.

If you are using CISCO Anyconnect VPN for ELS, it is now IPv6 enabled

Workaround options

  • do not upgrade to Windows 10

For more information about ELS issues andworkarounds(External link)(External link).

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    I had this issue, but found that in the new Windows 10 Browser, in the top right hand corner is a menu that allows you to open a page in Internet Explorer. This then allowed me to use my AUSKey and to log on to the ATO. Try it and see if it works for you.