editing cost of goods sold after item invoiced

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Hi Guys,

We are using Reckon accounts Premier 2015 (manufacturing).

I would like to change the cost of goods sold on an item that I have already invoiced.


We have an item that COGS was set at $40k instead of $400 when it was invoiced, and this is obviously throwing out our cost of goods sold for the month.

I have updated the COGS value of the item, so it won't happen in the future, but is there any way of adjusting the invoices that have already been done?



  • Linda ABC
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    Hi Dave.. the cogs value is derived from the average cost of the item. ... to change the cogs $ for the month,. .you will need to look at the purchase transactions of the items prior to the sale date. If you right click on the item and choose quick report....you should be able to identify how the average cost has been arrived at. Once you can see what has caused it...you can make changes...ie if it was an opening adjustment that had the wrong value zoom in and correct the value. .. provided the date is prior to the sale dates. ..the cogs will fix itself. .. cheers Linda