how to add untested printer

Daniel DenchDaniel Dench Member Posts: 1
My client has purchased a printer, cash drawer and scanner which are not listed in Reckon POS.
regarding the printer I have read that this means it hasn't been tested via USB, only serial. I also read that you can add any printer with the 'custom' button but am not sure what settings/how to select the comport that the printer has been set on, Does anyone know where I can find instructions from Reckon on how to do this?

Even if I do get the printer working, if the cash drawer and scanner are not listed is there a way to add them at all?

The person that sold them suggested just trying a similar model which I have, I tested most of the Epson models however the only option in the 'connected to' dropdown is 'connected to customer display - which we don't have. why is there no 'connected to USB' option?

I know I haven't provided much detail but the laptop is windows 10, the printer is a TM-T82II and reckon is the most recent version of POS professional 2015.

I have advised the client they can use the laptop for prices and sales on their first day but wont be able to use scanner, tray or printer until resolved.
If the best advice is to exchange these products for those on the supported hardware list that answer is fine.

Thanks so much for any advice anyone can offer.


  • LukeLuke Member Posts: 18

    I know it's been a few years, but did you ever get it to work?

    I am having issue with my old serial printer, but have a Epson TM-T82ii available,

    Did you get the epson to work and if so, which settings did you use?

    Thank you


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