Trouble emailing invoices with Reckon 2015

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When trying to email an invoice from Reckon 2015 I get "Could not print to printer. Check your printer selection..." Any suggestions? Using outlook16.  It worked fine before we had to reinstall the software. Please help!!!!!!  I've called support and they ran me through a process but it didn't work! :-(


  • Janelle Knight
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    This is what Reckon Support told me to do, hoping it may be different info to what you have received?   It worked for us.

    Emailing and PDF problems with Windows 10

     If you can't print/email and the Reckon PDF Converter IS appearing on your computers devices, do the following:-

    Go to your Reckon Accounts Icon and right click, then right click on the Reckon Accounts icon that pops up. 

    Then go to properties > compatibility and check the “Run as Administrator” box.

    Apply >  OK


    Next, go to your Outlook icon and right click, then right click on the Outlook icon again.

    Go to Shortcut tab and click advanced and check the “Run as administrator” box > OK.

    Apply > OK.

  • John G
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    Welcome Belinda,

    You should also have a look at Steve Cook's comments on Outlook 2016 at: Reckon Accounts and Outlook 2016.

    Hope this helps.

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    After about a month of not being able to email Invoices, and trying other ways given to me, this has finally worked.
    Thank you 
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    Thanks for this quick and easy fix. Frustrated no more!!