Payroll Premier 2015/16 Long Service Leave Calculations

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Good Morning,

The company in which I am employed has used Payroll Premier since I began 10 years ago. The Long Service Leave calculations have always been spot on, calculating .0167 hours for every 1 week of service.

I will be taking my Long Service Leave in a few weeks and to ensure my wage is entered correctly, I have tried to produce a test pay.  

When I switch from "Normal Hours" to "Long Service" it states the following:

"This employee only has 8.7157 hours of Long Service left. You can continue processing the pay, however the employees Long Service accrual will be a negative figure."

I currently have 8.7157 weeks of Long Service Leave, why is this calculating in hours?

Please help! :)


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    Hi Michelle,


    Please check your accrual rate for Long Service Leave.  If you are accruing 0.0167 hours for every weekly pay then after 10 years (say 520 weeks) you have 8.684 hours accrued.  

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi John and Andrew, Thank you so much for your replies. I have confirmed my LSL calculations from the Business Victoria website. I currently have the correct amount of 8.7157 weeks owing. So my calculations should be converted in Payroll Premier to hours instead of weeks? Thank you once again Michelle
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    Thank you so much Andrew, That makes perfect sense.. Looks like our Payroll was set up incorrectly. I really appreciate your help.
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