Filtering the Job Profitability Summary by Active/Inactive Jobs

Shannon Sciuto
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I have a client using the Job Profitability Summary which is perfect for her... Except, it's still showing inactive jobs which have made a profit/loss.  I have tried modifying the report and filtering but I can't seem to find a filter that will show only active jobs without creating a job type of active/inactive which seems a little redundant.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Terrific question - but I don't believe it is possible.,  Reports that look at customers purely from a non-financial point of view (ie:  al the customer contact/info like field) permit you to prepare a report with the 'active/inactive  filter , sort sequence and content.   

    But when the reports are driven from financial transactions like invoices and related costs against a customer:job,  then the focus of the enquiry is on the fields in the transactions (and some, but not all, customer:job filed).    

    It's been a long standing curiosity as to why the full compliment of fields that are there in the database, are not selectable on some reports like the one you've enquired about today.

    Cheers, but no joy I suspect,

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  • Ruth Holmes
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    Just doing a search of the forum for a similar problem.  Has anyone had a workaround for this. 

    I'm trying to report on only jobs that are now marked "closed".  I'm finding the profit & loss by job distorted due to unfinished & pending jobs.  It would be great to be able to do a profit analysis on only this jobs that are finished. 

  • Michael Macleod
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    The primary problem you have is one of accounting principle. That two complaints that you have are totally due to the fact that the system does not recognise the concept of work in progress and charging Sales and Cost of sales when a job is completed. It wont be solved until Reckon acknowledges the accounting principles that relate to the concepts of work in progress and charging sales and cost of sales when a job is completed and makes the necessary software changes to their system