Transactions posted twice from POS

Wade McCarthy
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Reckon Accounts crashed last night while a staff member was running end of day on our POS terminal. They restarted it and it completed, but now it appears that all sales from POS have been posted into Reckon twice. Is there any way of fixing this?


  • Chris McGregor
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    If You created a backup of you accounts prior to performing your post then you could restore you backup and then go to the recycle bin and restore the relive the days postings and repost again. If not the only other thing to do is to do a report(probably audit trail would be best) for yesterday's transactions and I would recommend adding a note in the memo explaining what's happened then voiding each of the affected transactions. then perform a transfer again to get customer balances back in line with reckon account. Of course you could just delete them but it's better to have a history of the transaction in case you are ever questioned. Regards, Chris