Advanced Inventory

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Lots of questions below.
Can someone shed some light on the advanced inventory capabilities in Accounts Premier please?

Does it allow bin locations?
Does it allow temporary bin locations (eg for stock in a holding bay or quarantine)?
Does it allow multiple suppliers for the one product SKU?
What about support for products that haven't been completed yet (manufacturing cycle not complete, but they need to be stored somehwer)

Can you create barcodes and labels in Reckon?  If not, what is everyone using for this?


  • Penne Milloy
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    We use GS1 for the bar codes easy to use and also there is a barcode area to record your numbers but Reckon don't create them. I am in importing and I have bought a  Zebra printer  that does the bar codes is I need to do up some extras
  • MarkProject
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    Thanks Penne