Report giving Trxns by Trxn Type Total for specified period

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Hi, I'm currently utilising the Trxn Detail by Account Report to do a Payroll Reconciliation between GL & Payroll Reports. I do this as our payroll wasn't setup correctly and am checking monthly that the GL matches the reports so I can reconcile at year end. The above report covers my requirement however I don't need all the detail on the first pass - it would be great if I could get a report that provides this information in Summary i.e. just Totals by Account - filtered by Trxn Type. I tried utilising the Trial Balance however I couldn't limit it to just the period. i.e. Balance Sheet account shows the balance and not the total of transactions for the specific period. Is there another report I can use? Thanks in advance.


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    I too would love a transaction summary with account totals.  I have many clients who'd like a report telling them how their money was spent this month.  

    Perhaps a balance sheet modified to include previous period balances and $ difference would help with the balance sheet accounts?
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    Hello Susan

    You can run and Profit and Loss  and filter by Transaction Type Paycheque.

    You can also run a Balance Sheet Report filter by Paycheque and also tick compare to Previous Period and $ Change to see the total of the transactions through the Balance Sheet 


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    Hi Susan.  My comment is not going to answer your question.  I would have some concerns as to whether the report that you seek is really going to prove the validity of your payroll records against your general ledger.  By filtering transactions types, it seems to me that your report will always balance because it it only looking at specific transactions - payroll on one side and the same transactions through the General Ledger.  The only way that I have ever done it is the "old fashioned" way.  I dump my Payroll Summary report into a spread sheet and then balance those figures against the respective general ledger accounts.  By doing that I am always going to determine whether or not something else other than a payroll item has ended up in one of the expenditure accounts and if so, whether or not that is acceptable.  Or the other possibility (remote as it might be) is if the value of a pay cheque has been altered for some reason but where no value has ever been processed for that change. Admittedly, such a change should throw out somewhere else.  If I read correctly what you are trying to achieve, I cannot readily see how your report will pick up something like the latter issue.  

    I will however be very interested in what other might have to say in case there is a different way.

    John LG
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    If I could do the above in one report, that would be great. That's what I thought I'd be able to do with the TB.
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    Hi John, What you say is correct. However some of the accounts that our payroll posts to also have standard everyday transactions post to it as well - i.e. Travel, Motor Vehicle Allowance, Employee Entitlements as well as monthly journals for leave liability & payroll accrual which makes the rec more time consuming. Doing by Trxn Type, separates this out easily. To complete the rec, I need to check the Payroll Wages expense accounts for non-Paycheque trxn to ensure they are valid. Cheers.
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    Hi Susan.  I am not sure if this will help you or not.  So as to avoid non payroll items getting into my "strictly" payroll items expense accounts, I use sub accounts.  Therefore, if I have a particular wage payment for say a casual staffer's wage for which I might get a reimbursement from somebody, the wages expense will be categorised into a sub account under the main salaries expense "grouping"  - this sub account captures all salary/wage payments through payroll and then under the main salaries expense "grouping" I create another sub account for the reimbursement.  That way I have a lot better chance of reconciling my payroll.  I use a similar type approach for Motor Vehicle Travel Allowance, with a sub account for those on payroll and another sub account for those not on payroll - yes we do have that because of particular methods of payment for travel for non employees.  John L G.
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    Hi Susan, You could build your balance sheet, then modify to eg. Last Quarter ( or your desired dates), but select a Previous Period and $ Change. On the first one if you also go to Modify, select filters, Transaction Type you can select the type of transaction that you want to filter by. Alternately Adrian's suggestion is perfect, just follow these same steps to filter by Transaction Type. Kind Regards Kim Chapman Accredited Partner.