Transactions not coming through in bank data feed using accounts hosted

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I am using the most recent (is it R2?) version of accounts hosted 2015 and have had the bank data feed (for one bank account only) set up for about 6 months.

Towards the end of last month a couple of outgoing transactions didn't come through on the feed but had definitely been made and were on the statement. Since 3/11 (a week ago) I have had the bank data feed telling me "no new transactions" despite customer's assurances that money had been deposited. I got the boss to actually log in to the bank and several payments have been made. 

The window which tells you the last time you got a bank feed is stuck on 5/11 and not updating to the last date checked.

Can anyone advise how to fix this glitch?


  • John G
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    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for asking the Reckon Community.

    I've checked records on your BankData record, and yes, 3/11/15 is the last date we have received a transaction for your account.

    Could you please send on a copy of a bank statement to [email protected] that shows transactions dated after 3/11/15 so we can query the bank.  You can mask confidential information as we only need to see the bank account number and the number of transactions per day.

    Hope we can get this resolved soon.


  • John G
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    Hi again Sally,

    Our techo's have got back to me and have noted an irregularity on the account and are getting in touch with the bank.

    Will let you know once the investigation advances.