Varying problems occurring with R2 Hosted

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Since last maintenance, I have experienced problems with Black screen whilst still logged on, company file in Q drive disappeared, Enter button problem, but the worst experienced was after doing a reconcile, I find that 3 months dating back to 1914 were un reconciled.

What going on?


  • Kim Chapman - COS Business Solutions
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    Hello Stan

    Have you opened an old file, or restored an old file that had old Preference selected, and since you have changed the preferences, which could be why your accounts are not reconciled?

    Secondly, is your file a shared file?  Ie. Shared with your accountant.  If it is, then it will not be located directly on the Q drive, rather on a folder on the Q Drive.

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    Kim Chapman

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  • Stan_7863634
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    Hi Kim
    All accounts were reconciled, and finished reconciling Sept accounts  to do Oct accounts, I noticed that the last reconciled amount was different to what it should have been. Investigating further I found that the July 2014 and Oct 2014 account had become unreconciled,
    This occurred Sunday afternoon and the system was slow to react and got a number of black screens whilst logged on. Looking further I noticed that the Q; drive no longer had two of my companies list even though they were backed up.
    After calling Reckon the system appears to be working much better. But I have to still reconciled the past accounts to get the correct figure prior to doing any further reconciles.
    Fortunately I do regular backups to ensure I don't loose my entries.
    I got the files for the folder on Q drive.