Assigning more than one Class in Payroll

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In Reckon Hosted, is it possible to split an employee into more than one Class? I can only see the option to assign a single Class. Many of our employees work across different disciplines (classes). Thanks


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Sharyn.  I was unaware of this one until a few weeks ago, so I have the answer for you.  Go to Edit> Preferences> Payroll & Employees> Company Preferences>  then about half way down you will find a box Job Costing and Class Tracking for paycheque expenses - Assign one class per - You probably have "Entire Pay Cheque" selected.  Instead, select "Earnings Item".  Once you do that, you have the ability to assign classes to individual salaries/allowances classes during the pay run.  This option then allows SGC to be split automatically into classes as well.  John L G.
  • Sharyn_7402664
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    Thanks John! I'll give that a try. That's really great.