Not all Customer statements being received via email

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We started using Reckon Hosted a few months ago.  Throughout this time I have had random customers (not always the same ones) advising me that the statements are not being received via email.  It seems each time I send them all out, there is a group (which changes every time) that don't receive the statement. This changes constantly and can range from 2 customers to 20 customers.  I am also listed as an extra email contact on some of the customers so I definitely know that most are being sent because I receive them too.

There are definitely some statements going astray and with the way the emails work, we have no way of determining who the customers are each time. 

Have you encountered this before and what can we do to try and locate the cause of the problem.  I am even thinking of sending the statements out on 1 day and then again the next day just to try and make sure no one is missed.  Obviously this is a short term solution and probably a little frustrating for those receiving their statements more than once.


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    Good morning Leanne,

    Just wanted to clarify, you've mentioned above that you've listed yourself as an additional email contact and you're receiving emails OK. Is this the case on all outgoing emails or just a select few?

    The first thing I'd recommend is to suggest checking the Junk/Spam email folders for any group of recipients that have not received your email.

    Secondly, it could potentially be attributed to email security settings on the recipient end so may be a good idea to suggest taking a look at this aspect.
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    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for your response.  I have spoken with some of the customers regarding this to double check they were not going to Junk/Spam and they are not.

    The customers who don't receive statements are not the same customers each month.  The ones I have spoken with have confirmed that sometimes they receive them and sometimes they don't.  It only seems to happen when there is a bulk email.

    I think there seems to be an outgoing problem from the hosted end rather than the customers end.

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    Thanks for getting back to me Leanne,

    Is it possible for you to send through a list of the affected email addresses (so far) to [email protected]?
    I'll pass this through to one of our back-end teams to take a closer look.

    Our technical support team have also made a couple of suggestions;
    [email protected] should be added as contact in the nominated email client by the recipients. Also adding * as an exception in their PC security software may also prove beneficial.