Doubling of invoice and estimate number

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We have our invoices automatically generated in Reckon, however it has recently been doubling up the invoice numbers and estimate numbers?  We have the "warn for duplicate invoice numbers" on, but as Reckon is automatically generating them we don't get that warning pop up. We are really busy this time of year and cannot afford to miss any jobs...please help?


  • Leon LEE
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    Hi Kieran,

    You’ve mentioned your invoices generate automatically in Reckon Accounts, are you referring to the memorised Transactions List? If not, can you please elaborate on how you have setup your invoices to automatically generate?


    If you have set up the invoice as a memorised transaction, I would suggest going to the "Invoice" screen and finding the most recent invoice number and keeping a note of that number. From there when the memorised invoice transaction prompts on the next reminder, to manually change the invoice number by a 1 number increment.


    For example, Your most recent invoice shows number 100, when prompted next to enter the memorised invoice change the number to 101. This should carry on move up by single number from 101 to 102 on the next invoice transaction.