Has anyone setup time in lieu in Reckon to record what is owed and used

JO-ANNEJO-ANNE Member Posts: 196
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I'm looking at setting up TOIL in Reckon to record what is owed and used. Has anyone done this


  • Shannon SciutoShannon Sciuto Member Posts: 111
    edited February 2018
    Yep. Use the other 1 or other 2 option in the same spot as holiday and sick leave. Make sure it doesn't accrue over time (unless you want it to). To accrue leave enter it in the Payrun as a negative but with no pay rate. When you pay for used toil add the pay rate in. Or leave out the pay rate and just pay them ordinary hours as well. (Although that may cause confusion about hours worked)
  • SaraSara Member Posts: 69
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    can Anyone help?.... Ive set this up, but when I enter an amount, it affects the holiday and personal leave without changing the TIL
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